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My Life Before Me by Norah McClintock

My Life Before Me

Cady has always wanted to be a reporter, like her hero Nellie Bly, so after a fire burns down the orphanage she lives in, she's ready to leave small-town Ontario and make her mark as a newspaperwoman. A crumbling newspaper clipping leads her to Orrenstown, Indiana, where her investigation into a long-ago murder earns her a hard lesson in race relations. Smart and determined, and more than a little headstrong, Cady pokes a stick into a wasp's nest of lies, dirty politics, corrupt law enforcement and racial tension—and ends up fearing for her life as she closes in on something she's never cared about before—the truth about her own origins.

Part of the SECRETS—a series of seven linked novels that can be read in any order.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459806627

Tru Detective by Norah McClintock

Tru Detective (graphic novel)

Truman's parents are out of town, and he has made plans with his girlfriend, Natalia. When she doesn't show up, he is angry. But when he finds out she has been murdered, Truman becomes the prime suspect. With no alibi, he must try to find the truth behind his girlfriend's violent death. But the more he digs, the more he realizes he doesn't really know who Natalia was, and he starts to wonder why she was interested in him at all. Hounded by suspicious detectives, angry Russian mobsters and a sense that nothing is as it seems, Truman is in a race to save himself.

This is the second eye-catching graphic novel from award-winning author Norah McClintock.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459803794

About That Night by Norah McClintock

About That Night

Two disappearances in one night. Someone knows the truth.

In the depths of winter, a woman wanders off in the snow. She is a popular former teacher and wife of a local policeman. A full-blown search begins.

Meanwhile, Derek is staying with his new girlfriend and her parents while his family is out of town. He can’t believe his luck—Jordie is the hottest girl in school, and he’s going out with her. When Ronan, school bad boy and Jordie’s ex-boyfriend, shows up, Jordie decides that maybe Derek isn’t the one after all. But before she can end it with him, Derek disappears. Did he run away? Or did something happen to him? Is there a connection between the two disappearances? As Jordie slowly starts unraveling the truth, she finds that nothing about that night is as it seems. When she finds Derek’s body, suspicion falls on her. And then on Ronan. But Jordie knows she didn’t kill Derek. And she is sure Ronan didn’t. So who is responsible? And why was Derek marked for death?

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459805941

From the Dead by Norah McClintock

From the Dead

The mean streets of Detroit hide a multitude of sins.

Rennie is in Uruguay when his cousins discover a secret cache at their dead grandfather’s cottage. Thousands of dollars in foreign currencies. A mystifying notebook. Multiple passports, some obviously fake. A gun. A disguise. And a photo of some Nazis. Rennie’s mission: to find out whether there was more to the old man than anyone knew. Was he a spy? If he was, what did he do? And for whom? Did he help a Nazi war criminal escape justice? Rennie’s quest leads him to Argentina and then to Detroit, where he finds more questions than answers and more than one gun pointed—and fired—in his direction.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459805378

Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock

Close to the Heel

No one is more surprised than Rennie to hear that his late grandfather, whom he hardly knew, has left a mission for him to fulfill. Rennie is to fly to Iceland and deliver a message from beyond the grave, but when he gets there, nothing is simple or straightforward. For one thing, Brynja, the teenage daughter of the family he’s staying with, is downright hostile. Her father Einar, who is to be Rennie's guide in Iceland, is preoccupied with looking after his elderly father-in-law, an old friend of Rennie’s grandfather. Bored and a little bit annoyed, Rennie explores the town and becomes aware that the family is dealing with more than their grief over Brynja’s mother’s death the year before. Before he realizes what is happening, his curiosity puts Rennie in grave danger, with no one to trust and no one to save him except himself.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554699506
  • CCBC Best Books, 2013
  • YALSA Quick Picks nominee, 2013

Guilty by Norah McClintock


Tracie crumples and falls to the ground. My dad twists around to look at her. He bellows. He lunges at the man again.

A second person falls to the ground.
Only my dad is left standing.

Why would a murderer return to the scene of the crime? And why would he kill again?

Finn watches in horror as his stepmother is gunned down in front of his house. His father reacts and kills the gunman. When Finn learns that the killer is the same man who admitted to killing his birth mother years before, he is shocked and wants to know if this is more than a terrible coincidence. At the police station, he meets Lila, daughter of the killer, and they strike up a wary friendship. Both of them are desperate to find the truth. What they discover hints at a much larger conspiracy.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554699896
  • Golden Oak Award nominee, 2014
  • SYRCA Snow Willow nominee, 2013
  • YALSA Quick Picks, 2013
  • CCBC Best Books, 2012

She Said/She Saw by Norah McClintock

She Said/She Saw

But before he got a word out, his eyes shifted from me to the driver’s-side window. BOOM!
Something stung my cheek. It turned out to be a shard of glass.
Something splattered all over my face and my hair and the front of my coat. It turned out to be blood and brains and tiny pieces of bone.
Someone screamed. It turned out to be me.

Tegan was in the car when her two best friends were killed. What did she see? And why won't she say?

Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her. Was it an argument over drugs? An ongoing feud? Or something more random? Tegan says she didn't see who did it. Or know why. Nobody will believe her. Not the police; not her friends; not the families of the victims; and not even Kelly, her own sister. Is she afraid that the killer will come back? Or does she know more than she is saying? Shunned at school and feeling alone, Tegan must sort through her memories and try to decide what is real and what is imagined. And in the end she must decide whether she has the strength to stand up and do the right thing.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554693351
  • TriState YA Review Group Book of Note, 2012
  • YALSA Quick Picks nominee, 2012
  • OLA Best Bets, 2011

She Said/She Saw by Norah McClintock


I lay on the gritty wooden floor of the filthy shack, frozen with terror. For weeks I had been hearing about the two girls who had disappeared, but I had never in a million years thought that something like that was going to happen to me.

But here I was, tied up, groggy, panic-stricken—and waiting. Waiting for whatever had happened to the girl who had been found “not alive.” Waiting for whatever had happened to the other girl.

This couldn’t be happening to me.

But it was.

Abducted and left alone in the woods, Stephanie struggles to survive.

Two girls have recently disappeared near the town where Stephanie lives. She is concerned but is sure that it could never happen to her. But then it does. Tied up and alone far from home, she manages to escape her captor and run for her life. But she is in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no shelter and no way home. And worst of all, she has run away before, so she is sure that the police will not take her disappearance seriously. She will need to save herself, calling on lessons learned from her grandfather and an inner strength she never thought she had.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554691524
  • ALA Popular Paperbacks, 2012
  • CCBC Best Books, 2011
  • M.Y.R.C.A Award winner, 2011
  • YALSA Quick Picks, 2010
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2009

I, Witness by Norah McClintock

I, Witness (graphic novel)

When you witness something horrific, do you look out for yourself? Or try and find justice?

In a dark back alley, Boone and Andre witness a violent murder, and agree not to mention it. But the killers have different ideas and come after Boone and his friends, killing two of them. Boone is desperate to save himself but realizes to do so he will need to face the violent act in his past that continues to haunt him.

Told in Norah McClintock's trademark suspenseful style and with spare black-and-white illustrations from Mike Deas, this compelling graphic novel looks into the darkness and forces us to face our deepest fears

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554697892
  • Texas Library Association Maverick Graphic Novel List, 2014
  • CCBC Best Books, 2013
  • YALSA Quick Picks nominee, 2013
  • Junior Library Guild Selection, 2012

Back by Norah McClintock

Back (Orca Soundings)

There are a lot of people who can’t believe that Jojo has the nerve to come back to our neighborhood. There are more people who don’t want him around. Things haven’t exactly been peaceful since he went away. Things are never peaceful in my neighborhood. But at least people haven’t worried about Jojo for the past two years.

This time, real justice will be done.

Jojo’s back, released from jail, and people are tense and afraid all over again. They wonder if his friends will start showing up again. They wonder if they’ll be walking down the street one day and they’ll run into Jojo and Jojo will give them attitude or shove them around, just for fun. Jojo’s friends have a way of making it hard—really hard—on people who decide to press charges against Jojo. Those people just wish Jojo would go away and never come back. Then there are the people who have hate in their hearts. These people wish something bad would happen to Jojo. Something really bad.

Ardell Withrow is one of those people.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

Also available in Spanish

  • ISBN: 9781551439891
  • CCBC Best Books starred selection,2010
  • TriState YA Review Group Book of Note, 2010
  • OLA Best Bets, 2009
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2009

Bang by Norah McClintock

Bang (Orca Soundings)

The guy died. I’m not surprised. Also, I’m relieved.

A robbery goes terribly wrong.

Quentin and JD have been friends forever. Even after JD gets in trouble Quentin stands by him. Hanging out together Quentin learns JD has a gun and when they are caught in a robbery JD uses the gun—with deadly results. Trying to cover up the crime and escape detection, Quentin gets in even deeper than he expected and learns that the only person he can trust is himself. Especially when his freedom—and his future—is at stake.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781551436548
  • CCBC Best Books, 2008
  • YALSA Quick Picks, 2008
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2007

Down by Norah McClintock

Down (Orca Soundings)

When James and the rest of them talk about the other guys, their faces get all twisted so that they don't even look like themselves. I wonder if I looked like that when I beat up that guy. I sure was mad enough.

Remy must control his anger or lose his freedom.

Remy has just been released from juvenile detention and is back in his old neighborhood. He went away because he severely assaulted a guy who insulted his girlfriend—Asia. As a white boy dating an immigrant, Remy has had to take a lot of the inbred racism that exists in the inner-city—from strangers, his family and even the police. When the white kids and the "outsiders" start scrapping over the local basketball court, Remy is caught between sticking up for his friends and siding with Asia, who is now seeing Marcus—the leader of the other group.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781551437668

Masked by Norah McClintock

Masked (Orca Soundings)

There’s a masked man in the store, and it isn’t Halloween.
I duck down again—fast.
I hear someone say, “This is a stickup.” It’s the guy in the mask. He has a weird voice, like it’s not a normal voice. He says, “Is there anyone else in the store?”
That tells me that the masked man hasn’t seen me.
“No,” my dad says without even a second’s hesitation.

Everyone has something to hide.

When Daniel enters a convenience store on a secret mission, he doesn’t expect to run into anyone he knows. That would ruin everything. And when Rosie enters the same store to see what her father wants, she’s hoping to make a quick getaway with her waiting boyfriend.

All Daniel and Rosie want is to get in and out without any trouble. Neither expects what happens next. A masked man enters the store.

“This is a stickup,” he announces. He has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it. When he’s ready to leave, he decides to take Rosie hostage.

And then things get complicated…

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554693641
  • YALSA Quick Picks nominee, 2012
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2010

My Side by Norah McClintock

My Side (Orca Soundings)

There are two sides to every story. Two answers to every question. And one truth.

When quiet, shy Addie is lured into the woods, she is convinced she is going to die. She quickly finds out that there are worse things than terror—things like betrayal at the hands of her best friend and public humiliation in front of the entire school.

Neely, Addie's ex-best friend, is tired of the same old life and the same old friends. She is ready to take some chances to re-invent herself. Is she also ready to win new friends at the expense of old ones?

There are two sides to every story, and it’s impossible to know the truth until you've heard them both. But sometimes you don't ever learn the other side of the story. What drives these two friends apart? Who is right and who is wrong? You'll only know if you read both sides.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459805118

One Way by Norah McClintock

One Way (Orca Soundings)

I hit something.

I have no idea what it is. All I know is that my bike slams to such a sudden stop that my butt comes off the seat and my feet leave the pedals. But I continue to grip the handlebars because I have the crazy idea that if I just hang on, everything will be okay.

Kenzie has injured his ex-girlfriend. Now he has to save himself.

Riding the wrong way up a one-way street, Kenzie takes his eyes off the road and hits a pedestrian. And not just any pedestrian. It's his ex-girlfriend, Stassi. Was this a freak accident? Or something more sinister? And when the police come to talk to him, it becomes clear that everyone thinks he had a reason to hurt her. Kenzie ends up in a fight to prove his innocence, even as he begins to question it himself.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459801721

Picture This by Norah McClintock

Picture This (Orca Soundings)

It was a bad choice to take a shortcut through a dark alley. A guy came up behind me, stuck something hard into my back and offered me another choice: Hand over my backpack or else.

What does Ethan know that someone is willing to kill for?

Ethan lives in a foster home, struggling to put his life on the right track. Involved in a photography program for at-risk kids, he finds himself threatened again and again by someone who wants his camera. What does Ethan know? And what is on his camera that someone is willing to kill for? Struggling to stay out of trouble and solve the mystery, he discovers he has all the answers. He just has to figure out the questions.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

Also available in French

  • ISBN: 9781554691388
  • CCBC Best Books starred selection, 2011
  • YALSA Quick Picks nominee, 2011
  • TriState YA Review Group Book of Note, 2010

Snitch by Norah McClintock

Snitch (Orca Soundings)

The cop pulled something out of his pocket.

“You recognize this, Josh?”

I stared at it. It couldn’t be.

Andrew looked at it too. After a moment he said, “That looks like the fish club Dad gave you.”

“Those are your initials, aren’t they, Josh?” the woman cop said.

I nodded.

“It’s what Scott was hit with. We have it down at the police station, Josh. Besides your initials, it has your fingerprints on it.”

Josh struggles to control his temper.

Josh had been living in a group home after being ratted out by Scott, his one-time best friend. Now he has moved in with his brother and overbearing sister-in-law and has been sent to a class designed to teach him to deal with his anger. When an old enemy continues to push his buttons and Scott appears to be up to his old tricks, Josh struggles to control his temper. Framed for a crime he didn't commit, it will take all of his new-found strength to keep his cool—and his freedom.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

Also available in Spanish

  • ISBN: 9781551434841
  • ALA Popular Paperbacks, 2006
  • CCBC Our Choice, 2006
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2006

Tell by Norah McClintock

Tell (Orca Soundings)

“He said they want to talk to you, David.”

“They?” I said. “The cops?”

She nodded.

“What for?” I don’t think I ever worked harder at getting just two words out of my mouth. I tried to sound like I had no idea what the cops would want with me.

How much does David know about his stepfather’s death?

When his step-father Phil is shot dead in an apparent robbery, David becomes the prime suspect. Where was David that night, and what does he know about Phil?

David has figured out the truth about his step-father, and the day his kid-brother died. What will it take for him to tell? And how did he know?

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781551435114
  • Stellar Award nominee, 2008
  • Tayshas List, 2008
  • Arthur Ellis Award nominee, 2007
  • CCBC Our Choice, 2007
  • YALSA Quick Picks, 2007
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2006

Marked by Norah McClintock

Marked (Orca Currents)

“One more thing,” Stike called as I mounted up. “Keep your eyes open.”

“Huh?” Keep them open for what? What did he mean?

“We had a kid last year who ran into some trouble. Some crew didn’t appreciate his cleanup. They waited for him one morning and jumpted him. Kid ended up in the hospital.” He grinned at me as if he were telling me about some fond memory. “Watch the watchers,” he said. “If you think you’re attracting some of the wrong attention, you let me know. Crews don’t scare Stike.”

I had the feeling that not much scared Stike. But the thought of getting jumped by a gang sure scared me. I began to wonder if Dave Marsh had done me a favor after all.

Is graffiti the key to solving this mystery?

When Colin accepts the job to clean up the graffiti in an upscale neighborhood he worries that he might be targeted by gangs. But he didn’t expect to become a suspect in a series of robberies. Every time he is sent to clean up graffiti, the police are nearby investigating a crime. Colin knows he’s done nothing wrong, but even he acknowledges his presence at the crime scenes looks suspicious. The only way he can clear his name is to figure out what is really going on.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

Also available in French

  • ISBN: 9781551439921
  • CCBC Best Books, 2009
  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best”, 2008

Watch Me by Norah McClintock

Watch Me (Orca Currents)

“Go out for a pass,” he said.

The old lady was still ahead of us. She had already reached the park and was walking alongside it. I ran past her into the park. Drew’s arm arced back and over his head. He sent the Frisbee sailing through the air. But it didn’t come straight at me. Instead it curved to the left. I ran for it. I was in the clear too—until the old lady in the black coat suddenly started down the path that cut through the park. She must not have been paying attention. I yelled for her to look out, but all she did was turn and stare at me. Maybe she hadn’t heard what I said. Then, boink, the Frisbee hit her on the side of the head. I saw the starteled expression on her face. She staggered a little to one side. Her foot slipped off the path. Her ankle twisted. Then she crashed to the ground and just lay there.

A battered watch might change Kaz’s life.

At first Kaz intends to help the old lady who’s fallen in the park. But then he starts thinking about how he never gets what he wants. The next thing he knows, he’s running away with her purse. The purse contains only five dollars and a battered watch. When Kaz learns who the old woman is and where the watch came from, he begins to understand consequences in a new way.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781554690398
  • CCBC Best Books, 2010

Cleanup by Norah McClintock

Cleanup (Rapid Reads)

If the maid didn’t do it, who did?

Connie Suarez, downsized from her job as a legal secretary, is working as a maid. She’s getting used to picking up after people and putting their lives in order. But she is not prepared for the mess that awaits her when she arrives at work one morning to find her employer dead on the floor of his bedroom. Connie’s co-worker Maria, an illegal alien from Colombia, quickly becomes the prime suspect in his murder.

When Maria begs her for help, Connie cannot refuse. As she tries to discover what really happened, she learns that Maria has been keeping a number of things from her. Now Connie can’t decide who or what to believe. And that’s not the worst of it. Connie soon realizes that she herself is also a potential target for violence. The question now is, will she be able to clean up the mess that Maria is in without getting killed herself?

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Published by Orca Book Publishers

  • ISBN: 9781459800540

books in this series:

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  • Dooley Takes the Fall
      ISBN 0–88995–403–8 paper
      White Pine Nominee, 2009
      Spinetingler Magazine Award Nominee, 2009
      Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice, 2009
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  • Homicide Related
      ISBN 0–88995–431–3 paper
      Arthur Ellis Award Nominee for the Best Juvenile Crime Book, 2010
      On Resource Links Best Books of 2009 list
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  • Victim Rights
      ISBN 0–88995–447–X paper
      Arthur Ellis Award Nominee for the Best Juvenile Crime Book finalist, 2011
      Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel for Juveniles finalist, 2011
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Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock

Ryan Dooley Mysteries

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Dooley already has more than three strikes against him. Fresh out of juvenile detention, he is taken in by his crusty uncle, a retired-cop-turned-dry-cleaner, who is harder than a sledge hammer on Dooley. Dooley's goal: to stay out of trouble. But with a past and a family like his, trouble is to be a constant companion. In this trilogy, Dooley tries to keep on the straight and narrow and set his past firmly behind him. But no matter how hard he tries, it looks like that's going to be mission impossible.

The Mike and Riel mysteries are published by Red Deer Press.

books in this series:

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  • Last Chance
      ISBN 0-439-95229-8 PBK
      Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Our Choice, 2007
      buy from
  • You Can Run
      ISBN 0-439-95230-1 PBK
      Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Our Choice, 2007
      buy from
  • Nothing to Lose
      ISBN 978-0-439-95231-6 PBK
      Resource Links Best of the Year, 2007
      buy from
  • Out of the Cold
      ISBN 978-0-545-99728-7 PBK
      Winner, Ontario Library Association, Red Maple Award, 2009
      Shortlist, Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, 2009
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  • Shadow of Doubt
      ISBN 978-0-545-99729-4 PBK
      Resource Links Best of the Year, 2008
      Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2009
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  • Nowhere to Turn
      ISBN 978-0-545-99730-0 PBK
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  • Change of Heart
      ISBN 978-0-545-98569-7 PBK
      buy from
  • In Too Deep
      ISBN 978-0-545-98570-3 PBK
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  • Something to Prove
      ISBN 978-0-545-98571-0 PBK
      Resource Links Best of the Year, 2007
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Last Chance by Norah McClintock

Robyn Hunter Mysteries

Robyn doesn’t go looking for trouble. It just seems to find her, and then she has no choice but to deal with it, sometimes with the help of her best friends Morgan, a shopaholic, and Billy, a vegan animal rights activist, and sometimes despite them. Her life is further complicated by her private investigator father, who is determined to reunite with Robyn’s defense attorney mother, from whom he is divorced. In this series of nine books, Robyn gets tangled up in murderous life in the big city and faces danger that’s too close for comfort.

The Robyn Hunter mysteries are published in Canada by Scholastic Canada Ltd. and in the U.S., by Darby Creek Publishing.

books in this series:

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  • The Third Degree
      ISBN 0-439-95761-3 PBK
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  • Over the Edge
      ISBN 0-590-24845-6 PBK
      Nominee Ontario Library Association, White Pine 2002
      Official Selection, Ontario Red Maple Award, 2001
      Our Choice, 2000
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  • Double Cross
      ISBN 0-439-98708-3 PBK
      Our Choice, 2001
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  • Scared to Death
      ISBN 0-439-98812-8 PBK
      Nominee, Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award, 2003
      Our Choice, 2002
      Winner, Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile Mystery Category, 2001
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  • Break and Enter
      ISBN 0-439-98989-2 PBK
      Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2003
      Arthur Ellis Crime Writer's Award 2003
      Nominee, Snow Willow Award, 2003
      Nominee, Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award, 2003
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  • No Escape
      ISBN 0-439-96905-0 PBK
      Nominated, Anthony Award, Young Adult Mystery, 2004
      Shortlist, Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award (MYRCA) 2005
      Shortlist, Arthur Ellis Crime Writer's Award (Juvenile) 2004
      Shortlist, Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award (MYRCA) 2004
      Nominee, Ontario Library Association White Pine Award 2004
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  • Not a Trace
      ISBN 0-439-95760-5 PBK
      Our Choice, 2006
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Over the Edge by Norah McClintock

Chloe & Levesque Mysteries

When Chloe Yan moves from the big city to a small town in northern Ontario with her family, she is not happy. It’s even worse for her and her social life that her new step-father, Louis Levesque, is now chief of police in town. But small town life turns out to have its surprises, and little East Hastings is a hotbed of intrigue, which Chloe can’t seem to avoid. A loner by nature, Chloe gets drawn into the dark world of homicide and, despite constant warnings by her step-father to stay out of police business, gets to the bottom of what’s going on beneath the pleasant surface of East Hastings.

The Chloe and Levesque mysteries are published in Canada by Scholastic Canada Ltd. and in the U.S. by Kane/Miller Book Publishers.

books in this series:

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  • Hit and Run
      ISBN 0-439-97418-6 PBK
      Winner, Red Maple Award 2004
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  • Truth and Lies
      ISBN 0-439-96919-4 PBK
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  • Dead and Gone
      ISBN 0-439-96759-7 PBK
      Nominee: Red Maple Award 2005
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  • Seeing and Believing
      ISBN 0-439-94608-5 PBK
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  • Dead Silence
      ISBN 978-0-545-99411-8 PBK
      Finalist, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, 2009
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Hit and Run by Norah McClintock

Mike & Riel Mysteries

Mike McGill, 15, lives with his irresponsible uncle Billy, 21, following the death of his mother in a hit-and-run accident. Billy’s lax supervision has helped to put Mike on the road to failure. So it’s no surprise when Mike clashes with a brand new history teacher, John Riel. A former cop, Riel investigated the death of Mike’s mother. Now, several years later, he is back in Mike’s life, even though it’s the last thing Mike wants. Or so he thinks. Mike and murder seem to go hand-in-hand in these five books. Sometimes, like when one of Mike’s best friends is accused of murder, it all seems too much. But Mike is a survivor, and he’s smarter than he thinks.

The Mike and Riel mysteries are published in Canada by Scholastic Canada Ltd. and in the U.S. by Lerner Publishing.

Dear Canada: A Sea of Sorrows by Norah McClintock

A Sea of Sorrows (Dear Canada series)

The Typhus Epidemic Diary of Johanna Leary

In the midst of the Irish famine, Johanna flees one disaster — only to land in another.

After a massive potato famine strikes Ireland, thirteen-year-old Johanna Leary flees to Canada with her family.

But typhus and other illnesses plague the “coffin ships”, so named for the staggering number of immigrants who died enroute. One by one Johanna loses the members of her family — first her baby brother on the journey over, then her mother in the Grosse Isle fever sheds where sick passengers are quarantined when they reach the port of Québec, and her father soon after. Johanna has only her brother Michael left when she sets foot on Canadian soil.

When her brother is mistakenly told that she too has died, he sets off to find their uncle “somewhere in Canada”, leaving Johanna to face a new life in a strange land... totally alone.

A Sea of Sorrows captures a dreadful time in history for those desperate, impoverished Irish families who hoped to make Canada their home. Johanna’s incredible journey of survival is told with insight and sensitivity by master storyteller Norah McClintock.

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN: 978-1-4431-0710-5 Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-4431-1973-3 Ebook

Body, Crime, Suspect by Norah McClintock

Body, Crime, Suspect

Investigating Crime Scenes

Ever wonder what really happens at a crime scene? How investigators put together the clues to find out whodunit? This book gives you a close-up look at how murder cases are solved — from the discovery of the body to the verdict in court; clues at the scene of the crime; evidence needed for an arrest; and bringing the suspect to justice.

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN 0-439-95187-9 PBK
  • Nominee, The Red Cedar Book Award, 2003/2004
  • Our Choice, 2002
  • Nominee, Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile Mystery Category, 2001

Mistaken Identity by Norah McClintock

Mistaken Identity

Sixteen year old Zanny Dugan isn’t sure anymore. Terrible things are happening in her life — things like murder and suicide — and she can’t figure out why. Now it turns out her father isn’t who she thought he was. And if your father is a stranger, then who are you? Zanny’s dead set on finding the answer — even if it seems the whole world doesn’t want her to know the truth.

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN 978-0-590-24627-9
  • Our Choice, 1996-97
  • Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile Mystery Category, 1996

Password: Murder by Norah McClintock

Password: Murder

Harley’s dad was killed in a car crash — a car Harley was driving. But lately, Harley has been having doubts. Is he out of his mind to think that maybe, just maybe, his dad’s death wasn’t all his fault?

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN 0-439-94764-2 PBK

Sins of the Father by Norah McClintock

Sins of the Father

When sixteen-year-old Mick is driven to his father's home town and dumped there his Dad refuses to tell him why, but assures Mick that he'll return. Mick is used to his father's frequent disappearances - more often than not, he's in jail. So Mick doubts that his Dad will come back, although he'd never let on to the relatives he's just met. For now, he's stuck with his father's family who give him the cold shoulder while they bad-mouth his Dad. And the townspeople are even worse - they're downright hostile. So Mick decides to find out as much as he can about his Dad's past.

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN 0-590-12488-9 PBK
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council (CCTC) Great Books for Children
  • Second Place, Palmarès de Communication-Jeunesse,
    Ages 12 and Up Category, 2002 (Crime á Haverstock)
  • Our Choice, 1999-2000
  • Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile Mystery Category, 1999
  • Shortlist, Ontario Red Maple Award, 1999

The Body in the Basement by Norah McClintock

The Body in the Basement

When a body is found buried beneath the café Tasha's parents used to own, the police start looking for a murderer . . . and their search leads them right to Tasha's father. Tasha's sure he didn't do it. But if he didn't, then who did?

Tasha has to find out who the real killer is, but everywhere she turns she uncovers someone else with a secret to hide . . .

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Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

  • ISBN 0-590-24983-5 PBK
  • Shortlist, Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award, 2000
  • Shortlist, Tiny TORGI Talking Book of the Year Award, Audio Category,
  • Our Choice, 1998-99
  • First Runner-Up, Ontario Red Maple Award, 1998
  • Winner, Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile Mystery Category, 1997

Norah has also written 10 books (so far) in the Riley Donovan series, published by Stabenfeldt and available in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, and Hungarian, as well as in English in Australia.

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